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Double Cockring with Penisplug

Double Cockring with Penisplug

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If you want to have the feeling of reserve without using a chastity belt, this double cock ring is exactly the right product for you.
By the addition of a penis plug this feeling only grows.
The double cock ring is fitted together and supplied with the necessary locks.
The material consists of 8 mm (0.315inch) stainless steel. The distance between the two rings is approx. 12 mm (0.472inch).

The following ring sizes are available: 35 mm x 40 mm (1.378inch x 1.575ich)/ 35 mm x 42 mm (1.378inch x 1.654inch)/ 35 mm x 45 mm (1.378inch x 1.772inch)/ 35 mm x 47 mm (1.378inch x 1.85inch)/ 35 mm x 50 mm (1.378inch x 1.969inch)

The penis-plug consists of a high-quality titanium alloy which is also used in medicine.
It has a continuous drilling and a diameter of 6 mm. The length is 40 mm. The total length of the double cock ring and the plug (with linkage) are 100 mm. This length can be adjusted to your needs.

Other sizes on possible so please ask.
Please give the desired size in the ordering form.

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Double Cockring with Penisplug
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