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Chastity belts » Steelheart
Steelheart 2
Crusader X-treme
Double Cockring (with integrated lock)
Cb Extras » Hinged Ring (for all CB)
A-Ring with 2 or more Spikes
Integrated Lock (for all CB`s)
Fixing with integrated Penis Plug
Stainless steel ring *for all cb`s
Fixing *for PA-Frenum Piercing
Fixing made of rubber
Powder coated for all cb`s
Bipartite A- Ring for all cb
Key safe
One way lock
Penisplug *for all cb`s
Anatomical ring *for all cb´s
Hinged ring with 6 Spikes *for all cb
Cock & Balls » Cockrings » Cockring *closed
Cockring *hinged
Cockring *with Spikes
Double Cockring *with integrated lock
Cockring solid 40mm (1.575 inch)
Cockring solid 45mm (1.772 inch)
Cockring solid 50mm (1.969 inch)
Double Cockring with Penisplug
Cock & Balls » Ballstretcher » Three Rings Ballstretcher
Cock & Balls » Cockrings » Cockring Teardrop
Plugs & Dildos » Plug´s » Anal-Plug with 1 Ball
Anal-Plug with 3 Balls
Plugs & Dildos » Dildos » Dildo made of stainless steel
Plugs & Dildos » Penisplugs » Penisplug long, checkered
Penisplug long
Penisplug, checkered *thru hole penisplug
Penisplug thru hole penisplug
Plug with Ring
Penisplug with cockring *Version 1
Plugs & Dildos » Dildos » Dildo with A-Ring
Chastity belts » Double Cockring with Penisplug
Plugs & Dildos » Penisplugs » Double Cockring with Penisplug
Penisplug with Ring *Version 2
Bondage » Steel » Fiddle
Ankle Shackles with Chain
Steel collar
Bondage » Leather » Leather ankle cuffs
Bondage » Steel » Three Rings Ballstretcher
Cock & Balls » Cockrings » Cockring with Analplug
Plugs & Dildos » Plug´s » Cockring with Analplug
Chastity belts » CB- Zero
Plugs & Dildos » Dildos » Dildo
Chastity belts » The Looker 01
Plugged with Pain
Cb Extras » PA- Fixing
Chastity belts » The Looker 02
“The Looker 03” only for PA`s!!
“The Tube Jacket 01” only for PA`s
Cb Extras » PA-lock
Plugs & Dildos » Dildos » “Frustration - Cage 1”
"Frustration- Cage 2"
Cb Extras » Keychain
Chastity belts » Securo -Cage 1
Securo- Cage 2
“Tube Jacket 02” only for PA`s
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