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Recycling- advice

Electrical and electronic devices may not be disposed of in household waste. As the owner of such a device, you are obligated to keep them separated from unsorted municipal waste (household waste). As a consumer you can take your old electrical and electronic devices to a communal collection point free of charge. The manufacturers must take back the devices collected there and dispose of them.

Some of our products come with batteries and/or rechargeable batteries which also may not be disposed of in the household waste. These batteries are labelled with a crossed-out waste bin. Below this is the chemical symbol for the heavy metal which is decisive for classifying it as containing a contaminate (Cd for cadmium, Hg for quicksilver or PB for lead). As a consumer, you are legally obligated to turn back in used batteries. You can take these for proper disposal / recycling to the public collection points in your community, or wherever batteries are sold. Or you may send them or bring them back to us.

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