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Return policy

Right of Withdrawal

Return policy As a consumer, as defined by Section 13 of the German Civil Code, you have the right to return goods/products which you have purchased from us in accordance with the following return policy.
An item cannot be returned if •
You have acquired it from us for commercial or entrepreneurial reasons (in this case you are not a consumer) •
The product was specially manufactured according to your individual specifications or it is clearly tailored to meet your personal needs (custom-made) •
The product has a short shelf-life or its expiry date has already expired •
The product is a sealed data carrier with audio or video recordings or software and you have broken the seal on the data carrier •
The product is a newspaper, periodical or glossy magazine •
The product is not suitable for return due to its nature Right of Withdrawal

*** Start of the Right of Withdrawal Instructions ***

Return policy You may revoke your contractual agreement without having to provide reason for doing so within 14 days in writing, (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the delivery in full, if the goods have been delivered to you before the end of that period.
The period begins upon receipt of this notification in writing, however not before the goods have been received by the recipient (in the case of repeat deliveries of the same type of item, not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before the fulfilment of our duty to inform in accordance with Article 246, Section 2 in conjunction with Section 1 (1) and (2) of the Introductory Act of the German Civil Code (EGBGB) and our obligations in accordance with Section 312g (1) 1 of the German Civil Code in conjunction with Article 246, Section 3 of EGBGB. Punctual dispatch of the statement of withdrawal or the item suffices to safeguard the right of withdrawal.
Please send your statement of withdrawal to:
Dietmar Posledni/steelworxx,
Sandberg 82,
06528 Blankenheim,

Fax: +49 34659 – 61 99 67

Consequences of a Right of Withdrawal In the case of a valid cancellation, all services received by either party are to be returned including received benefits (e.g. interest).
If you are unable to refund or return the services and benefits received (e.g. benefits from use) in full or in part, or only in a deteriorated condition, you are required to offer compensation of equal value.
This shall not apply if the deterioration of the goods supplied is solely the result of handling them beyond that which is necessary to examine the item’s properties and operation.

“ Examining the properties and operation” means testing and trying out the item as is possible and customary in a shop.

Goods consignable by parcel post may be returned at our risk.
You must bear the expense of the return consignment if the goods delivered correspond to those ordered and if the price of the returnable goods does not exceed EUR 40.00 or, if the price is higher, if you have not yet effected counterperformance or paid a contractually agreed instalment by the date of cancellation.
Otherwise the return consignment shall be free of charge for you.
Goods not consignable by parcel post shall be collected from you.
Obligations to refund payment must be fulfilled within 30 days.
This period begins for you when you send off your statement of withdrawal or the goods, for us, when the goods are received.

*** End of the Right of Withdrawal Instructions ***

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