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Studio Black Fun


Black Fun has recently begun offering the ideal service. Every prospective Steelworxx customer has the opportunity to select his favourite CB in the studio. Test out the indescribable feeling of wearing it during a wicked CB session.
Your future keyholder will provide so much humiliation that you will be in danger of becoming addicted.
At best, the newly created Steelworxx CB slave will be sent home bound but happy.
Minor individual requests for modification can be immediately taken on board and discussed directly with the manufacturer.
Black Fun makes all your desires on this subject come true. From coming into contact with Steelworxx for the first time during a session, to consultation and long-term dependency on a chosen keyholder.

After all, only a bound slave is a good slave.

Black Fun is one of the most state-of-the-art and innovative studios in the world.

First-class interiors and infinite special offers make Black Fun the first port of call for visitors worldwide.
If you want something special, you need to offer the best. Therefore the most sought after labels from the world of SM are at the visitors’ disposal.
The company “Steelworxx” is a perfect example. Every CB fan has to start somewhere and ultimately discovers these small masterpieces of creation.   





They could be your key holders !