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Steelworxx is a life style!

We have been manufacturing chastity belts, BDSM toys and tailor-made solutions for our customers for over 10 years at a high quality that is “made in Germany”. Our robust products are hand-made at our facilities using stainless steel or titanium. We have many long-term satisfied customers who have felt “secure” ever since they began wearing our products.

We started by only producing CBs,
now Steelworxx has become a LIFE STYLE!

Our innovative products can be worn for long periods of time and are technically and ergonomically well designed.
Neutral packaging is always used when shipping your order. You can pay with paypal (credit card too), Bank transfer (EU), cash or check.
Your chastity is in good hands with us. 

Best regards,
Your Steelworxx team


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Privacy policy - Friday 25 May, 2018
Dear Sir or Madam,
please note that the privacy policy has changed on 25.May 2018. The protection and security of your data is very important to us.
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"Tube Jacket 03"

“The Tube Jacket 03 ” with Pa-lock Another innovation from Steelworxx for PA wearers. The Tube Jacket can be worn completely without a cock ring. This item is placed over the penis and secured with a lock. The tube is made from ... [read more]
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The Looker 01- Titanium

The Looker 01- Titanium

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